Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The problem with blogging is that, usually, the more you have to blog about the busier you are and the less time you have to actually blog. At least, that's been my story of late and I don't see relief coming any time soon.

So, a quick update; a picture of my little trick-or-treaters last night. It was cold and blustery but somehow the allure of Kit Kats, Milky Ways and Skittles pushed all thoughts of cold from their sweet little heads and smiles were found on all three kids. Their costumes? Madeleine was one of the twelve dancing princesses as she imagines the story (yes, I am convinced she will chose to be some variation of a princess each year), Hank was Darth Vadar and Elisabeth was the sweetest ladybug I've ever seen. Enjoy!