Thursday, November 03, 2011


This cute little girl is Willow and, for the next year, she is half ours. We finally made the plunge into horse land (and it's just as foreign to me as Neverland or Oz might be) with taking out a half lease on this dun colored American Quarter Horse.

Madeleine was half leasing a school pony (our beloved Cocoa Puff) from the stable where she lessons but, sadly, Madeleine continues to grow in both height and ability and Cocoa couldn't grow either of those ways in his older age. So, a few months ago Madeleine's trainer started looking for a small horse (Willow is only 14.3 hands) who had enough tricks up her hooves to give Madeleine room to grow, ability-wise.

I could go into the exasperating saga of how Willow went into heat after arriving at our barn (and, for your horse people, Willow seems quite mareish, even when she's not in heat, so you can imagine . . . ) and hurt her right eye badly enough that she was unrideable for a solid month, but I won't. I'll focus on the positive: she's well and she's back to work. I'm simultaneously thrilled with excitement to see my childhood horse dreams fulfilled through my daughter and terrified to enter this new, unknown world.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

My Trick-or-Treaters

My '80s Pop Star (too wet and rainy for the super fab '80's boots she had intended to wear):

My little soldier (he was pretty impressed with all the salutes that came his way):

Rapunzel (as represented in E's favorite movie, Tangled). How absurdly ridiculous and cute is that dumb wig?

And our little . . . um . . . I'm not sure what she is, exactly. We were all set for Caroline to wear the same dog costume that all my other kids wore when they were two-years-old (shown here on Elisabeth). But when it came time to put it on Caroline ran away and shrieked, "NO GOG! NO GOG! DON WANNA BE GOG!" I then had the ingenious idea of simply painting a dog face on her since, at this point, I just assumed she was scared of the costume. To the idea of face paint? "NO GOG! DON WANNA BE GOG!!!" At this point it was about five minutes before trick-or-treating, all my other trick-or-treaters were dressed and ready to go, so I ran upstairs and yanked the first dress I saw out of Ellie's dress up bin. Caroline saw the dress, smiled and said, "I be pincess." So, I guess she was a crown-less princess, or someone who, no matter what, gets her way.