Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just Call Her Fang

All my kids have been late teethers. Madeleine was the latest, not cutting a tooth until she was thirteen months old. Hank was ten months old (I think; would you believe I didn't write the date of his first tooth in his baby book?) Sweet little Elisabeth, at the ripe old age of ten months, has finally popped a tooth. Here it is in all its glory:

UPDATE: My husband accused me of not washing our daughter's face (see comments). FYI, the only way I could get a picture of her with her mouth open was to snap a picture while she was eating, thus the dirty face. I think she's adorable, food and all.


JoeOlson said...

don't you ever clean her face?

SuperMom said...

Well no, not while she's in the PROCESS of eating, which she was here.

Better watch out, any more snarky comments and I'll delete you from my blog. I am the administrator, you know.

t said...

i was more appalled at the fact that *mine* has recently cut his 13th tooth (lucky number) than the messy face. however, i was also slightly appalled at the close-up of the messy face. ew.

j/k, and congrats (?)