Saturday, September 02, 2006

Awwww; Tom and Brooke Make Nice

It's so bizarre to me that, for whatever reason, certain celebrities feature very predominantly on different peoples’ radars. I don't know why, I don't see the logic behind it and, frankly, I'm sort of embarrassed by the celebrities that interest me. But, nonetheless, certain celebrities and their strange antics fascinate me. Ever since Tom Cruise lost it last year (was it only last year!?) on Oprah's sofa he's been catching my attention all over the place.

Well, I'm sure you all will be thrilled to know that Cruise and Brooke Shields are no longer feuding. They've kissed and made up. Phew.

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Fabulous Chaos said...

I try SO hard to not be fascinated by celebrities, but I can't help it either. Tom Cruise doesn't do it for me, though. I couldn't care less about him, really, although the missing Suri thing is funny, and has me watching the magazine covers in the grocery store.

I like to look at the Brangelina stuff simply because they are both so beautiful. How shallow is that?

I'm sure there's some deep intuitive explanation for the pathetic habit of ours. I just don't know it.