Monday, September 11, 2006

The Equality of Adulthood

In the eyes of a child an adult can just as easily be twenty-five as sixty-five. If you're six the two ages may as well be the same.

This afternoon, in my basement, the following conversation took place between Madeleine and her friend B___:

Madeleine (while waiting for her She-Ra video to start): This is a really great movie.

B___: She-Ra is really pretty.

Madeleine: Yes, she is. And she's also really, really old. My mom used to watch this what she was a kid! (Her eyes are bugging out as she says this, as if she herself can't quite believe it).

B___: Whoa, that IS old!



sixty-five said...

With that in mind, don't wait til you're 65 to try to pass yourself off as a "senior" at the movies, etc. The 16 year old ticket taker won't question anyone over 40.

Anonymous said...

that made me LOL

p.s., we ARE old.

angieoh! said...

Dear supermom... I found your blog through Boots and Sabers... and to my delight were exactly who I thought you were!! I can't believe how big your kids are now!!! I remember when Hank was born and that makes ME feel old!!!!!

Would love to see you and J and the kids soon.

xoxox a friend from GB

Cate said...

Hey, Angie! Joe and I were just talking about you and the whole LAIP group the other day. I'm glad I'm back in touch w/your because... well... you know how great guys (or is it only Joe?) are about staying in touch.

Off to read your blog!