Friday, September 08, 2006

This Week's Wrap Up

It's over. The week I anticipated with excitement and dread all summer has come and gone. It's been busy, it's been exciting and, most of all, it's been exhausting.

Madeleine is less than thrilled with first grade. "Mom," she says to me the other day, "all we do at school is sit at our desks and learn, learn, learn, learn. It's boring."

Hank loves his preschool. He attends a preschool associated with a nature center so the curriculum is centered around being outside and being active. After his first day he explained to me why he hadn't wanted to go. He said he thought he'd have to sit and be quiet and, gosh forbid, listen to someone else talk. He's happy to know he was wrong and can't wait to go back.

I learned that Hank is much more forthcoming about the details of his day than his older sister. All Madeleine will tell me is who got in trouble at school; Hank tells me everything.

I found out I am M's room parent at school. I had my orientation with Ms. K this week and I feel like I was handed a full-time job chasing up volunteers, making copies, creating bulletin boards; you name it, the room parent does it. I'm leery, but I'm excited to have the opportunity to get involved so completely in M's classroom.

Poor Elisabeth really is the forgotten third child sometimes. This week has been all about Madeleine and Hank and I was snapping pictures left and right of the older kids but, somehow, Elisabeth hardly made it into any of them.

I'm still a single mom. Joe goes to trial next week though so I'm hopeful by this time next week I'll actually be able to remember what my husband looks like. Don't feel bad for me though, save the sympathy for poor Joe who has to be beyond exhausted with the hours he's been putting in and, frankly, bored to tears since the subject matter of this case is, in my opinion, BOOORRR-ing.

There's more, but nothing exciting and I meant to keep this short and already it's long. So, good night.

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