Sunday, October 08, 2006

Attic Treasure

Last weekend my brother came up to Wisconsin for the weekend to go through the attic in our childhood home (which he talks about in his blog).

The attic, over the thirty some years my mom lived in the house, evolved into the catchall room in the house and accumulated a lot of interesting treasures and, unfortunately, a lot of useless junk.

Fortunately a lot of the junk was removed last weekend, much of it making its way out to the road for garbage day and the remainder held onto for a spring garage sale.

The treasures, though, we hung onto. One treasure I re-discovered was this adorable Mouse House:

My great-aunt Cloe made it for me and gave it to me for a Christmas present in 1983, I believe. My mom made sure she saved the card that came with the meticulously made Mouse House, in which Cloe noted that the lace curtains were made from the lace in Cloe’s corsage from my mom and stepdad’s wedding that previous September.

I spent many hours as a child playing with my Mouse House and I really wouldn’t hesitate to say it was one of my favorite childhood toys.

And now Madeleine is enjoying creating her own memories with the Mouse House and I’m taking pleasure in watching her playing with it, somehow reliving a bit of my childhood through her with each giggle I hear and with each story she creates for her new mouse family.


sixty-five said...

Adorable! Don't think I ever saw or knew about it. And you seem to have taken such good care of it!

MOST with an attitude said...

I think that is wonderful. What a great surprise. I bet M will no doubt, have stories to tell of her own, when she is our age, about her precious "Mouse House"