Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Wrap-up

Republicans lost last night. Big time.

I suppose you might imagine I’m crying in my coffee.

Surprisingly, I’m not. I’m not upset, I’m mad. I’m fired up.

Why? Because, by and large, Republicans deserved to lose! What has happened to my Republican Party?

Remember 1994? Who was elected: conservative Republicans. Since their election, who’s been running the party? The moderates! And what have they done? Nationally, what conservative goals did we accomplish? Is government smaller? More accountable? Are taxes dramatically lower? Is there more efficiency in government? Those are things conservatives would have done, but moderates didn’t. The moderate, Big Tent Republicans, have drowned the conservative voices in the House and Senate out and I’m not going to take it anymore.

But I’m not going to jump ship either. There are a lot of great, conservative Republicans left out there. But I’m going to expect them to step up to the plate. I’m going to expect them to take a stand. Publicly.

The Republican Party is at a crossroads. I suppose some in leadership will advocate shifting more towards the middle. If that happens they will lose my vote. When Republican candidates run on a conservative message by and large, they win. I believe people want government to encourage them to look to themselves, and the assurance that government isn't going to burden them with over-bloated bureaucracies, regulations and taxes.

I’m reengaged. I want my party back. Conservatives in office, can you hear me? You are our voice. Speak up. It’s time for some more bloodletting. Let’s take back our party.


badger boy said...

the hero of chappaquiddick can be the leader in the senate. and there should be a house leadership position for the guy with the $100,000 in payoff money stored in his freezer. this is the Year of the Scoundrel. It is the moment for liars, murderers, crooks, hypocrites and Democrats (all one and the same) to stand and take a bow.

Bob said...

Paul Ryan was quoted in the Journal Sentinel on 11-08:

"Like Sensenbrenner, Ryan also pointed to the war, calling it a "big dark cloud" hanging over the election.

Asked whether he expects the election results to drive changes in Iraq policy, Ryan said: "I think so. I think the frustration from just about every member of Congress was whether the president was properly changing and adapting his strategies or was just defiantly seen as sticking with the current team and plan. There's always been frustration.

"A lot of Republicans have been more behind-the-scenes with their concerns and criticisms so as not to undermine progress. I think that's going to come to the surface a little bit more."

Katherine M. Skiba of the Journal Sentinel staff contributed to this report

THIS IS VERY GOOD NEWS-- Let's hope Paul continues his ascent to GOP leadership (and beyond).