Monday, December 18, 2006



It's a week from today.

Anyone ready?

I'm not. Every year I resolve that next year I'll be one of those people that shops for Christmas presents in July, wraps in August and spends all of November and December gleefully patting themselves on the back for being such smart planners.

Alas, I am never that person. Still much, much to do!


angieoh! said...

I hate to sound like a bragger... but I AM DONE!!! this is the first year that I have been ahead and it is awesome - all I have to do is wrap one more gift and then, Christmas Carols, eggnog and such from here on out. Dont' worry though - you will get it done, just don't let the stress get to you!! hot chocolate with Baileys always helps me!! :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Far from ready here... I haven't even finished my shopping or begun wrapping. Oops.

Superdad said...

I had my shopping done by late November (except a few minor items that are technically from Santa). I guess that could we because I only have to shop for Supermom and then provide ideas for the kids.

People, she really is a Supermom-wife-friend-person. I would be useless without her.

(btw I am now posting as Superdad - I am still not sure who at Google I offended but starting a new account seemed to be the only way I could post again).