Thursday, December 14, 2006

Golden Globes

I need to get out more.

I have always loved movies and considered myself pretty "up" on what was out when and what was supposed to be good.

Today the nominations for the Golden Globe Awards were released. Not only have I not seen any of the movies, I've never even heard of most of them.

But I can, however, tell you that a new, live action version of Charlotte's Web is being released tomorrow and I know the names of the songs in High School Musical well enough that I can search for them on You Tube.

Oh, for shame.


sixty-five said...

Well, typically, all the best movies don't even get released until about this time of year. The worry is that a great movie that comes out early in the year will be forgotten by Oscar time. Which means there's usually just a tiny little window of time when you can actually see good movies in the theater and about 11 months of mediocrity.

Alexis Jacobs said...

I never know the movies. But I guess the good ones don't typically make Popsugar or The Superficial. :wink wink:

badger boy said...

check out the review of Charlotte's Web on today's (Dec. 15) MSN. fulsome praise. not to be missed etc. "bittersweet" but necessary ending.

SuperMom said...

"bittersweet" but necessary ending.

We just finished the book last night and by the end Madeleine was horrified and inconsolable for a good 20 minutes.

Then, of course, she wanted to start to book over again right away.

grandfather said...

we will begin at page 1 monday.

JoeOlson said...

Going to see Charlottes’ Web with the kids (sans E) was great. H & M watched intently from beginning to end - something very new for H. It was a great day. It is also a great film. It stayed true to the book with only a few well done (and I guess necessary) changes. It was fun to people watch too. There was a little girl about 4 years old with her grandmother a row ahead of us. The little girl was in a party dress and the grandmother was very attentive – This is not a movie you take your kids to and suffer through (see High School Musical). This is a movie that is fun to watch for old and young.