Tuesday, December 12, 2006

High School Musical

I first heard about this movie while in New Jersey over Thanksgiving. My cousin's daughter, Catharine, loves this movie and apparently it's all the rage in Boston with the third grade set. We rented and watched it one night and all had a fun time (mostly watching the kids, led by Catharine, dance and sing along).

I thought the movie would be forgotten after getting back to Wisconsin.


We have a fourth grade girl on our block that loves the movie. And a second grader. High School Musical is a countrywide epidemic and all young girls have been infected.

Madeleine ran in last night singing all the songs and was delighted with the videos we found on You Tube. Despite myself, I find that I'm tapping my foot and singing along.

So, these are for you, Catharine and Madeleine:


Alexis Jacobs said...

I love, errr my kids love, High School Musical!! In fact they are touring and I am trying to get tickets.

How can anyone NOT love High SChool Musical?

beecher said...

Wow! Wait til Catharine sees this. These are her favorites! I believe Santa may be bringing the CD this year...

sixty-five said...

Oh no - letting C loose on YouTube sounds dangerous! Can you type: Ali and AJ, Raven Simone, Cheetah Girls - yikes!