Friday, January 12, 2007

Over-the-Counter Cold and Cough Medicines Can Kill Babies, CDC Says

I'll admit it, this really scared me.

ATLANTA — More than 1,500 toddlers and babies wound up in emergency rooms over a two-year period and three died because of bad reactions to cold or cough medicine, federal health officials reported Thursday.

The U.S.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned parents not to give common over-the-counter cold remedies to children under 2 years old without consulting a doctor.

Thankfully Elisabeth has a regular check-up soon so I can query her doctor more about this development. Yikes!


Superdad said...

Doesn't the box say: "consult your doctor" in the 2 and under section of the dosage chart?

I guess we need to follow directions. It is scary though.

Cate said...

Yeah it does, but who ever pays attention to that... *hangs head in shame*

Anonymous said...

I argue with DH ALL the time about how you don't have to give meds to kids for every little sniffle or cough! This just proves my point!

AlexanderTheGreat said...

I wonder what was in those "blue pills" badger boy always used to make me take?

Anonymous said...

keep wondering, but apparently they were ingredients to prolong, not shorten life. the ingredients came from the drug cabinet of your grandfather, dr. robert gaddis price. perhaps pru has analyzed the blue pill powder and arrived at a conclusion.

sixty-five said...

I forgot all about "blue pills"! I have no idea what they were.