Thursday, February 15, 2007


These gorgeous flowers were my Valentine's Day gift from Superdad. Aren't they pretty?

Their arrival here was complicated. It should be simple, no? Alas, an incorrect notation of our address gave me flowers a day late, after Valentine's Day, and gave Superdad a fifty percent discount.

I'm just happy to have fresh, beautiful flowers in my dining room against the backdrop of cold and snow, no matter the day. Superdad though, feels differently. It's the romantic in him, I suppose. Don't tell him I told you, but he's probably more romantic and sentimental than I am. That's a good thing as sometimes I think I'm not romantic enough.

I'll let him deal with the business end of ordering flowers. I just want to enjoy them.

Thank you, Joe!


jack & harry's mom said...

Ohhh Boy! Lovely flowers, bad service. A day late? 50% off? That's it? We need to swap stories! Sounds (& looks) like the guys might have encountered the same florist! (on differnt occasions) The "should be simple" really runs thick here too! Glad you are enjoying them nonetheless! Happy Valentine's Day take 2!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Those are gorgous! Superdad rocks.

Superdad said...

Here's the deal. I have ordered flowers from The Shorewood Florist 6-8 times in the last 3 of 4 years (I have the number in my cell phone).

They have great flowers and when that put together a bunch they don't use ugly fill. No baby's breath - just nice greenery. Think eucalyptus. Alos, they are one block from our house. I have even recommended them to all of my friends on the North Shore.

So I called them at 8:30 am on V-day and ordered up the flowers.

By 3:30 I was getting nervous. (I was waiting for the call from Cait saying, "Guess what I just got?" and telling me how wonderful I am.) Given that we are a block away they usually deliver around noon. So I called the florist and asked if the flowers had been delivered. The woman said, "I am 90% sure they have but the guy who would know for sure is on the phone." I waited on hold for 3 minutes and 39 seconds (I'm a lawyer; my phone has a timer on it). I told the lady that I would trust her hung up.

By 4:30 Cait had called but said nothing of flowers. So I called back. I was told the flowers were on the truck. I did not like the change of story but they were on the truck so ...

I got home and looked around - no flowers. So I called again. I was told they were on still on the truck but where on their way. I was officially angry. I know that it was a busy day - but this is what they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They never showed up!!!!!!!!! I told Cait that they were ordered but I had no flowers to give her on Valentines day.

I called the florist the next morning and they knew why I was calling as soon as I said my name. They started telling me about how they attempted delivery and Cait was not home and that they called her twice.

I asked what time and they gave me a time that is right in the middle of E's afternoon nap. I told them that it was almost impossible for Cait to have been gone at that time. I also told them that there was no message on the home phone.

Then I reminded them that I gave them my work number in case their were any problems and asked them why they did not call me. Then I explained that I called them three times during the day and was told once that delivery had occurred and twice that the flowers were on the way. I asked what they were going to do to fix the problem.

They offered to make the delivery and to give me 50% discount. I accepted. Then they called Cait to make sure she was home and they confirmed our address with the wrong address. Someone apparently wrote a 7 that looked like a 9 and they were trying to deliver Cait's flowers to a house two blocks north of us!

I got home last night and saw the flowers. They are very pretty but I specifically asked them not to put the flowers in a vase because I know that Cait has a billion vases that she likes to use. Also you get more flowers for your money! They put them in a vase. Also they left a bill with Cait. That is just tacky and it was for ten dollars more than I told them I wanted to pay in the first place. Now we have to watch our credit card bill to see if we are even going to get 50% off. I am very disappointed in these people.

Superdad said...

sorry for all the typos - I was venting.

Val, that's me said...

Beautiful!!! :)

jack & harry's mom said...

poor superdad.

I am getting mad just reading it! I KNOW that guy over at Shorewood Florist...ummm...Greg is it??? We will have a lot to talk about on this subject when we get together! I am surprised the lawyer in you hasn't made any calls since receiving the flowers. I still CANNOT BELIEVE they left a BILL! they are officially OUT of excuses in my book! Think principal of the matter here...