Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Pioneer Woman claims this is the best lasagna. Ever. I thought it was very good. So did the guests I made it for this past Saturday.

Most importantly though, it was easy. Look, even my four year old can make it:


Terri said...

OK so do you love her as much as I do?!?!

I also made the lasagna, and didn't totally love it. SO much meat! (I was OK with all of the cheese, lol. Loved the sliced mozz. idea!) And the cottage cheese, I'm just not sure about. but yeah, it was easy, and different, and DH loved it. I enjoyed the piece I had, but it was such a BRICK of food! Perhaps the problem was that I ate too much of the meat sauce while it was simmering! :)

I suppose I should attend to my febrile, cyanotic child now?

SuperMom said...

I have to admit I really liked the oodles of meat. :o I'm sure I'll make it again though simply because my KIDS loved it (such a rarity, is it not?).

Oh no, which one is sick?

Oh, and I do love Pioneer Woman-- she's hilarious. I don't know that I so much love the Photoshop posts, but there are some entries there that literally had me laughing out loud. Very entertaining!

jack & harry's mom said...

I wish I had known to give Hank some credit!
Very tasty, and thanks for sharing the recipe!