Monday, February 05, 2007

Snow Day

No school today. No, not too much snow; too cold, they say. It's tolerable, I say, but no one making school closing decisions asks me.

So, the kids get to stay home. Both big kids are immediately shuttled off to the first of what turns into multiple play dates. It's quieter here than most days now.

I like the quiet, but I also don't want the kids' time in school in June to be extended. I hope they're back to school tomorrow.


Superdad said...

It is cold but, the last time I checked the schools were heated!

sixty-five said...

Apparently (read Althouse) not all parents - even in Wisconsin - can be expected to have appropriate outdoor gear for their kids in such bitter cold weather.

SuperMom said...

I disagree with Althouse to a degree b/c her premise rests on the assumption that it doesn't typically get this cold in Wisconsin so therefore parents shouldn't be expected to have the proper clothing for their children to be prepared for it. While this may have been true over our recent history it certainly isn't true when you consider Wisconsin winter weather throughout its entire history.

It's not getting any warmer here. I'm afraid they're going to have to take the whole week off and the kids will be in school in July.

Oh well, I get to head east and warm up and let Superdad's mom deal with school closings, right?