Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Growing up I thought cereal was what one ate for breakfast when there wasn't time for anything else. I thought it was OK but never thought too highly of it. Nor did I think anyone else did either.

And then along came Superdad. He has two favorite foods in this world: 1) sandwiches and 2) cereal. It's not uncommon to see him snacking on a bowl of cereal during the evening news.

Hank, it's sad to say, shares his father's love of all things cereal. Oh, he has his favorites, sure, but he's pretty easy to please. If it comes out of a cardboard box, gets thrown in a bowl and covered with milk then he's game for it. Hank's favorite day of the week is grocery shopping day when he comes home from preschool and surveys what I've chosen. Puffins! Cheerios! Frosted Mini-Wheats! I can almost see the wheels turning in his head and then, inevitably, week after week, "Mom, can I have cereal for lunch?"

And, as usual, I oblige.

Thanks, Mom!


Superdad said...

I love that boy. The best part of Hank's cereal addiction is that he has also picked up the practice of pushing the individual pieces of cereal under the milk with his spoon between bites. It drives Supermom nuts.

And for the record, I try to keep the cereal selection healthy – Supermom smuggles in the Lucky Charms.

MOST with an attitude said...

It sounds as if Hank has joined an elite group!! Mario and Michael are the same way. Especially now that it is Lent, they have both given up chocolate. So cereal has become their sweettooth fix!! Eat up, Hank!!

SuperMom said...

I'm impressed that Michael gave up something for Lent-- that's impressive! We suggested to the kids that they might want to as well and they looked at us with blank stares.

Terri said...

I'm a recovering cereal-a-holic. I used to eat a bowl each night before bed when I was PG (each time).

This post is dangerous to my recovery.

Bob said...

I also am a cereal consumer-- but typically only for breakfast.

But as for whoe Lucky Charms! WHOOOOOOAAAA..... (just think what your mom would think, Supermom-LOL).

SuperMom said...

Just to set the record straight (a-HEM, Superdad) I haven't bought Lucky Charms in months and when I did it was just every once in a great while-- for a special treat.

And Bob, I'm pretty sure that's why I do it. ;)

Bob said...

LOL--Hmmmmm.. very interesting....so the following statement applies to the Olson clan:

"The family that eats cereal together stays together."

Back to my Great Grains lunch (just kidding)