Friday, March 02, 2007

Kitchen Adjustment, II

Do I or do I not have a digital camera? When I said I didn't have any pictures of the kitchen it never even occurred to me to take a couple.

Here it is. Just ignore Hank in the last picture; he's getting his daily Tom and Jerry fix. Oh, and ignore the dirty dishes. And the mittens drying out in front of the heating register. And any other messes you might see...


sixty-five said...

It all looks fine to me the way it is. Countertops look like a pleasant slate-y blue/green - not "bright green". Floor looks fine. Looks like a nice vinyl, not linoleum. I think it would be a mistake to introduce a different kind of wood - better to continue what's in the rest of the house. But wood in a kitchen is high mainenance. Main things that contribute to a slightly choppy look are the white stove and black dishwasher which interrupt the cabinetry, but it seems silly to change those. I'd save your money and think about looking at bigger houses (with more BEDS!).

it's me, Val said...

I personally like the look of mixing different woods. Look in any latest Pottery Barn. They are infamous for doing this in every room. I like it. Everything matching all the time . . . ugh . . . that drives me loopy.

I change my opinion on your counters. I thought your were darker than what they are. I would go with a dark countertop like these: Giallo California, Amarello Gold/Royal Gold/Golden Flower, Tropical Brown, or Santa Cecilia which are from this site:

Keep us up on your decisions :) And let's share our ideas with each other. Maybe we can help one another out?

Have a great weekend!

SuperMom said...

I'd save your money and think about looking at bigger houses (with more BEDS!).

Actually that's really what's motivating me to do this. I'm a fixture at Open Houses in our neighborhood every Sunday, and I especially have made a point to track houses like ours (what they end up selling for, what's different about them than ours) and the common denominator in the small, three bedroom colonials like ours that end up going for a higher price than I would have thought were really, really nice kitchens. I have little doubt that a mimimal investment now will serve us well in a few years. I hate to upgrade just before we move to sell at a higher price and then not even enjoy the new, beautiful kitchen.

I don't mind the floor, but I've always hated the color of the counter tops and have been dying to re-do them.

Thanks for your links and advice, Val!

And Megan, thanks for your opinions too. I'm so happy that I only am contemplating a SMALL project so that I have time to digest everyone's good advice!

Alexis Jacobs said...

I love redesigning kitchens!! I can't wait to see what you do.