Sunday, March 25, 2007

Movie Review, III

Another movie weekend, one Friday night the other Saturday night. Yes, yes; aren't Superdad and I exciting creatures?

Fun movie, full of exciting visual effects and a decent story. Brandon Routh, the new Superman, was a decent Superman, although his resemblance to Christopher Reeve is almost uncanny and one can't help but wonder if he was cast in the role because of that resemblance instead of his acting ability. The highlight of the movie was Kevin Spacey's villainous portrayal of Lex Luther; every scene with him was riveting. Overall, fun movie, but so far I prefer the old batch with Christopher Reeve.

What a wonderful movie! Terrifically acted and thoroughly entertaining and captivating. Superdad and I both enjoyed it immensely.

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MOST with an attitude said...

I loved "The Illusionist". Glad you two had fun catching up on new releases!!