Thursday, March 22, 2007

Volvo XC90

You should buy this car. But don't buy it for yourself, buy it for me.

My dad is terrific. My van is now in the body shop, having its dents and dings knocked out and smoothed over because of the accident I mentioned, but purposely didn't expound on, here. Superdad and I were prepared to deal with the situation: he by begging rides to and from work and me by cramming one super large car seat and two boosters into the back of Superdad's Toyota Camry. It wasn't a fun prospect, but we'd survive.

Then along came Dad. Officially retired yet still driving press cars and writing car reviews, managed to snag this bad boy for Superdad and me to have for the week my van is supposed to be in the body shop. Isn't that nice of Daddy-kins? With the Volvo sitting so majestically in my driveway, I don't think I want my van back.

I've already pleaded my case to Superdad. He thinks our Chrysler Town & Country is more practical and spacious. He's right. But I still want the Volvo XC90, impracticality and all.

Personally I think he's still secretly harboring resentment towards me since I talked him into buying the practical and less expensive Camry last spring instead of his top choice: the Volvo S60.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Dennis Kucinich has a better chance of being elected president in 2008 than I do of owning the XC90 within the next few years.


angieoh! said...

That is a beautiful vehicle. I agree, you should get one.


it's me, Val said...

This (well, any of the XC's) are my very favorite cars (minus the VW's!) . I'm sooo jealous!!! :-p A good friend of mine works for Volvo out in California. She use to be one of the girls who walked around cars and showed them off (what are they called?) at the big car shows. She travelled one year to 10 countries. I wish I had her job and got her discount! :( (Does your dad get a discount?!?!)

Superdad said...

I agree that it is a nice looking vehicle. It also has nice features for the kids boosters and car seats but it is too small. Not in a square footage sense, but in a “I feel cramped in the cockpit” sense. The rearview mirror is right at my eye level causing a major line of sight problem. The steering wheel is way to low even on the highest setting. I feel like I am driving with my knees. Not good. Also the consul in the middle is so wide that my legs are cramped. The seat does not go far enough back or down to fix any of this stuff. This was one of the main reasons we bought the Chrysler Town and Country instead of the other vans on the market (that and the stow and go seating).

The thing I don’t understand is why these large cars make the cockpit so cramped. It is not just Volvo. Many of the cars Jerry gets are like this. It is pretty annoying. It makes no sense to me. I am not unusually large. I’m 6’3 and 215-20 lbs. That’s not small but it’s not oddly large either. I don’t get it. In an era where cars are bigger and people are bigger the actual drivers cockpits are getting smaller. What gives?

SuperMom said...

Joe- did you try putting the seat down? I did it today and it made a HUGE difference!

Madeleine and Hank want the car-- badly.

The dealership just called. The T&C is fixed. *sigh*

Still driving my Jeep said...

I remember I had an appraiser friend riding in my Jeep, and he is 6' 5" tall, and he was really cramped, so I know what you mean, Joe about the cramped situation.

I don't anticipate seeing a Yugo sitting in the Olson driveway any time soon!

terri said...

LOL, superdad: "oddly large." What a downer you are. ;)

I'm sorry that your van is fixed, Supermom. ((hugs)) hee hee.

The volvo doesn't have a third row, does it?

SuperMom said...

The volvo doesn't have a third row, does it?

Oh, it most certainly does. Yes indeed-y.

Superdad said...

I did put the seat down and it did nothing to help.

jw26pt2 said...

NICE car!!!
We rented a Volvo once & loved it.
And my hubby feels your pain, superdad, he's "freakishly large."
jw aka neenee

Megan said...

Great looking car Cait!
Too bad your van is done so you have to give it up! :(
I'm going to be in the market for a new vehicle here in a few months, wonder if they are even remotely affordable. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

You have to suffer to be beautiful. Or cool, or hot, or whatever. ib

dad said...

i'm staying out of it. trust supermom and superdad can enjoy their chrysler town and country a few more years ... a small discount, val ... and goodnight.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Very cool car. You would look so swanky in that!!

Amy said...

Who's Dennis Kicinininnnnn ?! lol I guess you're right hon, but it is a HOT car for a HOT supermom! It's very odd to go on a non-family members blog and STILL hear about my uncle being freakishly large. Makes me shudder LOL But, you are awfully close to family LOL

How about you get the Volvo and give ME the T & C?! I've been trying to snag Terri's for a while ... Ki was having NONE of that! Time to join the soccer moms and get a van ... not really for the baby, more for the dogs LOL