Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Watch This

Superdad and I came close to buying a Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra season ticket package for the current season. Ultimately we decided that with finding babysitters and coordinating weekend events it be more of a logistical hassle instead of the fun thing it was intended to be.

However, Garrick Ohlsson is going to be playing with the MSO next month and it's a concert I'd really like to see.

Your challenge right now is to find a quiet spot. Lock yourself in a closet, throw duct tape over your kids' mouths or whatever you need to do and watch this. I promise, it will make your day more upbeat and happy.


Superdad said...

Let's go!

Bob said...

I am very glad to see you folks going to the MSO! They keep playing their radio ads on WTMJ, and I am consisently tempted to get tickets (but for some reason, my car heads south on weekemds).

beecher said...

Just my .02, but hard as it sometimes is to organize, Bill and I are always glad that our symphony subscriptions FORCED us to make arrangements and have a night out.

We have done Cleveland Symphony in the past, and now subscribe to the Boston Symphony, and find that it's easier for us to do midweek performances (easier to find babysitters, less likely to interfere with other weekend plans), which are also sometimes less expensive subscriptions.

Thanks for the inspiring video!