Monday, April 16, 2007

Day at Park

I think the mercury rose to almost fifty degrees this past weekend. Considering only a few days prior we'd been subjected to a winter storm warning and a cumulative snow fall, I felt that fifty was pretty warm. We needed to take advantage.

When Madeleine was a baby we took her to the park incessantly. It didn't matter that she couldn't really do anything, we still took her and enjoyed watching her fascination with all the different equipment and her jubilation at being swung higher, higher, higher!

Elisabeth? I don't think she'd ever been to a park before yesterday. She loved it. She loved swinging, exploring, climbing... she loved it all.


Superdad said...

I am just surprised Madeleine enjoyed it at all. She was hit in the face twice - once by a swing and once by a soccer ball. Two bloody noses and still she said she had a great time. Man, kids are tough!

grandfather said...

oh no. another grandchild who can't resist a park.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Adorable :)

Bob said...

Elena Jane (Sarah's about-to-be 3-year old daughter) is also a park fanatic...Swings..slides, etc.