Thursday, April 19, 2007


I love that IKEA offers a wide array of products that are relatively low in price that I generally like. I enjoy visiting their stores and I've bought quite a lot over the past few years on various visits. I'm sure I will continue to do so.

That said, I don't think I've ever dealt with a business, store, restaurant or otherwise, whose customer service was so horrifically awful. I know, I know, it keeps their costs down. Whatever. All I know is it's impossible to get an answer from anyone, talk to an actual person on the phone or buy anything on-line.

Thankfully I found my most recent desire on eBay (two new slipcovers for our Jennylund chairs, if anyone is interested) and will save myself the headache of numerous unanswered phone calls or the trip to the Schaumburg, Illinois store, where they'd probably be out of stock of whatever I wanted anyway. And wouldn't be able to order or hold it for me, and this I'd find out at the remote customer service desk after standing in line for fifty minutes.

Darned IKEA. I wish I didn't love their stuff so much.


sixty-five said...

At least IKEA doesn't bother you for "feedback".

Bob said...

I also remember LONNNNNGGGGG waits at the service desk at IKEA.

One could write their life's memoirs or read "War and Peace" while waiting to be recognized at the IKEA service desk--


Liz said...

Service desk, who found a service desk?!? I was just at the store and I am still having nightmares about the random "locations" of items. Textiles, where are textiles? Certainly not on any map of the store.

it's me, Val said...

Going to IKEA soon? I'm in Chicago as I type this and hope to be heading there this weekend! :) I don't eat at the restaurant part but Alexis swears by it. She took me there one time for breakfast. WEll, I just sat. She and Jamie ate their .99 breakfast while i drank my Starbucks ;) Enjoy your purchases!!

SuperMom said...

Oh Val, the Cafe is wonderful! I seriously love, love, love their Swedish meatballs at lunchtime... yuuuum.

Have a fun time in Chicago-- and at IKEA. As much as that stinkin' store annoys me I love spending the day there poking around. I've found that I go there for something specific I'm bound to be disappointed, but if I go in w/an open mind I've been happily surprised (though my pocketbook maybe not as much).

sixty-five: LOL. I did receive my feedback the other day as well, so all is right with the world.

Bob: the real question is, who took longer, Mom or the service desk?

Liz: Oh yeah, it's there. It's hidden, and usually mobbed with people, but waaaaay down in the basement at the far end of the registers (on the opposite end of where the food is) you'll find it.

Alexis Jacobs said...

La la la la la la la I'm not listening. :wink wink:

Bob said...

I think it was almost a tie (between your mom and the service desk)....Well.....maybe your mom won by about an hour or so.

Author Mom with Dogs said...

Hmm, buying their slipcovers on Ebay... Never thought of that. Thanks for the idea. Seriously in need of some slipcovers here.

Liz said...

I agree with the open mind thing. I am at the point now where I carry measurements for all my rooms wherever I go. Sad, but true. If I just carried color swatches, I might not have stood in front of the bank-o-shelves for a half-hour vacillating.