Friday, April 06, 2007

Welcome, Spot and Dot

This is Spot:

And this is Dot:

Spot and Dot are brother rabbits and they belong to Hank's preschool. Believe it or not, being their caretaker over school vacations is a sought after, highly coveted position. We won the lottery this go 'round for half of Hank's Spring Break, and we brought home our prize yesterday.

Only, we had a small mishap. A teensy, tiny, silly little problem.

While carrying their rather large cage down to the basement the bottom of the cage fell out from under itself. Yes, you read that correctly; their cage broke in two while being transported down the stairs. Thankfully we were almost all the way to the bottom stair, but everything went flying: their rabbit litter, their food, their water...and... Spot and Dot!

OK. I'm exaggerating a bit. Spot and Dot didn't really go flying so much as they fell. Straight down. And they're rabbits; they landed on all fours and appeared relatively unaffected. Oh, I'm sure they were scared beyond belief, thinking to themselves, "Who in tarnation picked these people to watch us!?" But physically? They're fiiiine.

And they seem to have forgiven me. They're just as cuddly and playful now as they are at Hank's preschool. Of course, they hid under a shelf in their cage for a couple hours after The Incident, but I'm pretty sure they would have done that anyway, fall or not. You know, new surroundings and all that (nod along, folks, nod along).

Would you forgive me if I told you how awful I felt? And stupid? Yes? Good.


sixty-five said...

Whew! At first I thought they were new family pets and I really did think you'd lost it. What a funny story!

dad said...

in addition to the lamb and ham, can we have rabbit for easter dinner?

AlexanderTheGreat said...

I for once am with Dad on this one.

SuperMom said...

No, as Hank said, his preschool's rule regarding the rabbits is, "NO KILLING!"

terri said...

Oh wow. That's funny. (the dropping part)

And, good rule, Hank!

Alexis Jacobs said...

We had a rabbit just like these when I was little. That thing lived forever. Luckily you only have 5 days :)

it's me, Val said...

Dad is bad bad bad. Shame shame ;c)