Friday, May 04, 2007

Home Schooling Convention

Today begins a new era of my life: the home schooling era. Oh sure, we made the decision awhile ago, but after we got over our initial reservations and somewhat less than confidently spread the word (what will people think) I sort of forgot about it in terms of how it will actually affect my life.

Yes, I've been reading a lot about it, and I've been getting ridiculously excited about the opportunities we're going to have but I haven't been living it. Madeleine is still at school and home schooling seemed far off in the future.

Until today, that is. In a few short hours Superdad and I are joining the home schooling mix; we're heading off to a home school conference in Oshkosh, Wisconsin where we'll join eight hundred other home schoolers, from across the home schooling spectrum, coming from all over the state to take part in workshops and a curriculum fair.

This weekend we'll have a chance to put our new ideas and theories to the test as we pour over math and history texts. Tomorrow we will learn the how-tos of home schooling, legally speaking. This weekend we'll be jumping in. This weekend we'll be home schoolers.

In addition, all three kids are staying with my in-laws and Superdad and I are staying in a hotel with a pool for two whole nights.

I'm excited about what we might learn and meeting other home schoolers. It should be a great weekend.

Oh, and did I mention we'd be child free more almost forty-eight hours?


terri said...

That's great! I'm not sure which is more exciting, the "jumping in" thing, or the fact that you 2 will be ALONE! For a long time! In a hotel! Without children! By yourselves!

I'm thinking this might be a good weekend to catch up with US, if you know what I mean...

I would like a full report on the amount of denim jumpers spotted. ;)

dad said...

you deserve the two poolside nights alone before you take the home schooling plunge.

Author Mom with Dogs said...

Yes, definitely take advantage of those 48 hours. It may be a long time before you get that much alone time again.

Homeschooling is an adventure. Looking forward to hearing about yours.

MOST with an attitude said...

Have fun you two!! Enjoy your time together and adult conversation!!

Liz said...

Good luck trying to define yourself as the "cool" homeschooling mom. I've been struggling to be the "cool" stay-at-home. Yesterday I asked my stylist to give me a cut I found in Teen Vogue. She only laughed a little. . .

Though, if denim jumpers are the norm maybe there's nowhere to go but up?