Thursday, May 24, 2007

Library Elf

Have you seen the new category I added on the link list on the left called "Education Related Links?" There's one that I've found especially helpful and think many of my readers would too. A home schooling friend told me about it and I just love it.

It's called Library Elf and if you patronize a library regularly you simply must sign up for it, especially if you have multiple library card holders. You can link numerous library cards up to one account and it will automatically email you before your items are due and when you have library items on hold that you need to pick up.

It's really helped us avoid fines, especially since the kids have their own cards and are constantly checking out twenty to thirty books at a time and then some books or movies are due before others, some get returned before others, but it's still listed on my calendar as due later... you get the idea; keeping track of all of those dates and all those books and movies on my simple, paper calendar has been waaaay too confusing.

Anyway. Library Elf has been amazingly helpful and I was so thankful to have it brought to my attention that I can't help but pass the good news along!


beecher said...

That looks fantastic, especially since right now we seem to be singlehandedly subsidizing our public library with the fines we pay!

When I saw this on your list of links, I mistakenly thought it was a service offered just by your local public library. Glad we can take advantage of it too (we do seem to be on the list--although as "beta").

I love following the blog!


MOST with an attitude said...

I heard about the "Elf" from my SIL, Gina. We've been using it for months and it actually helped us prove to our library that we'd already returned an item. I love it!!

SuperMom said...

Beecher, ours is listed as a beta version as well and it's worked wonderfully.

And it definitely helps reduce fines-- I couldn't believe some of the debts we were accruing there!

Alexis Jacobs said...

What a neat concept. Off to check your links...