Friday, July 20, 2007


Madeleine has a new game she and her friends have been playing. It's called "Teenagers." What does one do when playing Teenagers? Well, let me quote Madeleine, "Oh, you know, lie around, read magazines, talk... you know, teenager stuff."


How is it that she knows about teenager stuff? The oldest child on our block isn't quite ten. Are a love of loafing and self-indulgent introspection an innate knowledge that all children, born and pre-born, just have? Is it planted there as a beacon of hope for overworked, overplayed children? A glimpse of what's to come?

To make matters worse, my little girl, not even quite seven, is starting to look older. We found the hair clip she's wearing in the pictures below on the clearance shelf at Walgreen's and Madeleine just haaaaaaaad to have it to play dress-up (a nice, little girlish activity, certainly not one for little girls getting too big; too mature).

Little did I know her vision of dress-up with this hair extension clip-on thingy was really more of a hybrid of dress-up and playing teenagers: she puts on the hair clip, meets her friends outside and proceeds to strut around the neighborhood flipping her hair behind her shoulder at carefully timed intervals.



Superdad said...

I hate that game!

terri said...


Ibby said...

Times have changed! We used to have to walk around with tights on our heads so we could flip our looong "hair" while playing Teenager.

MOST with an attitude said...

Yowzers...too fast, too fast. Where is the time going??!! M's new thing is to call family members on the phone and leave them an "ever important message" with a number to return the call. He's grown up to be a very important "Mr. B" Too cute!!

it's me, Val said...

She is so pretty, Cait. :c)