Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hank's Groove

This is just pure comedy. Pure comedy, I'm tellin' ya.

My kids, like most children across America, are obsessed with High School Musical. They've been beside themselves that their friends have all seen it five million times while they've only seen it once and that it's been almost a year since their first, and only, viewing.

The other night I rented it for them and all the block punks who then invaded my basement for an evening. As you might imagine, there was singing, dancing and a lot of laughing. Laughing? Why laughing, you ask?

Because of my dear Hank. Hank has mastered Roy's dance moves. (Yes, it's Roy, not Troy. Don't try arguing with Hank about it. You'll lose.) He's really got 'em down, I tell ya.

Check it out:


it's me, Val said...

omg, that is hilarious!!!! too funny!!!

Alexis Jacobs said...

ROTFL! That is way too funny. He makes an awesome "Roy"

terri said...

I am disturbed. And morbidly fascinated. I'm thinking some anti-seizure medication should do the trick.

So, which song's dance moves was he going for?

SuperMom said...

Hank says "Bop to the Top," which is his favorite song. And no one in my family seems to appreciate "Breaking Free" like I do. Tasteless hacks.