Friday, October 19, 2007

Week Three, Day Two

Lovely run last night. Temperate weather, a nice breeze, who could ask for more?

I made it through last night with no trouble. Bring on week four, I say. I still have one week three run left, which is good. These manageable runs are not only building up my stamina, but my confidence as well.

It may sound ridiculous to you accomplished runners out there, but a month ago I couldn't have run a solid three minutes without feeling ridiculously winded and exhausted. And now I can not only do it, but I can do it again and, even though I haven't, I could probably do it again. I can't say enough good things about this run/walk program and how great it's been for me in building stamina.


terri said...


weekend blog, please!

Diana said...

you have inspired me. Last night I added some jogging (about 90 seconds each time) alternating with several minutes of walking for 20 minutes. Since I have been back to walking regularly for about six weeks, this was EASY. Surprisingly easy! I have NO idea if I can work my way up to that week 6 or 7 level, but I will try. It felt good to break out of the usual walk and push myself a bit.