Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Dreams

The other day Madeleine, Hank and I were discussing Christmas wish lists and all the toys lately filling their dreams. I explained that Christmas can't bring too many toys because we can't possibly fit thousands of new toys in our house.

"Oh, Mom," Madeleine sighed.


"I wish we could get enough toys to stretch all the way to Chicago," Madeleine said wistfully.

"I think we'd need a bigger house," Hank interjected. "But that would be OK."

"But guys, if you had that many toys and that huge of a house we wouldn't have any money!" I reasoned.

A long pause followed this logical nugget. I eased back against my pillow, confident the discussion was over and I'd reasoned them into whittling down their Christmas list.

A small, dreamy smile broke out across Madeleine's face. "Yeah, but at least we'd have a lot of toys."

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