Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Celebration Interlude

We've already been part of two Christmas celebrations, consumed three calorie laden meals, opened countless presents and have been partaking in good company and fun for the past three days and even though, interspersed in all that fun, we've been in our home from time to time, we haven't really been home.

So, for today, we rest. It's a brief stop at home before our Christmas celebration with the Super grandparents. A time for putting away new treasures, throwing clothes in the washing machine and, of course, the best after Christmas chore of them all, paying our property taxes.

However, despite the drudgery of chores, with each new toy that finds a proper home and each box that is dismantled and thrown away, order is restored and a sense of calm washes over me. My house becomes what it was before, before guests, Santa's brief though profitable visit and toy assembly, yet improved with its new cooking utensils, reading materials and running clothes. I am at peace. Rejuvenated, even, for more Christmas celebrations to come and then, after that, New Year's Eve revelry.

All seems well, though quiet, in the blogosphere. Hope all are enjoying past celebrations and future gatherings to come as well!

And, if I don't get a chance, Happy New Year to all!

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