Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Week 6... and Beyond

I have not given up running. I have though, it seems, given up writing about it. Not entirely, I'm sure, it's just that now I'm running the same amount each and every time. Sure, I've had some unique moments, maybe even some bloggable moments but, for the most part, the runs are starting to blend together.

I have stalled out on the Cool Running's plan, though. Not because I don't think it's a good program (I think it's great, actually) or because I've decided not to challenge myself (no, in fact my goal is to run in a 5K this spring) but because, for now, for me, running twenty minutes is enough. It's about all have time for and it's enough to make me feel like I'm getting a good workout. My goal is to maintain twenty minutes until early 2008, and then I'll work up to thirty minutes.

But, honestly? I feel confident now that I could run thirty minutes pretty easily.

It's funny, but I've noticed a clear pattern develop since I reached twenty minutes of running. The first five minutes of running are easy and exhilarating but the next five is where I want to stop and feel like I won't possibly be able to run twenty minutes and start contemplating walking a short distance if only I first run ten minutes. And then that's it. Minute ten passes and I can run and run and run. At that point twenty minutes is cake; I can't imagine tacking on another five, ten minutes is going to be that hard.

I'll update as interesting develops occur (i.e. race dates, etc.) but for now, I am very, very proud of myself. I almost-- almost -- feel like a runner.


dad said...

I can run around the barn. I can do it twice at one running, 100 yards per trip around. Am I long distance runner material? I might know the answer to that question. Thought I would ask anyway.

sixty-five said...

Do you need to find an indoor track for snowy days?

terri said...

Cait, I just returned to your running journal... I was pregnant the first time around, and ignored them completely.

Last week I remembered you doing this, and found a free podcast with the intervals for the program.

And now you're pregnant, and can ignore me completely. :)