Sunday, February 24, 2008

Piano Competition

Today was a big day for Madeleine, a day our family has had marked on our calendar for months now. Today was a Milwaukee area youth music competition. Madeleine's piano instructor recommended it to us months ago and Madeleine has been busily practicing her two pieces ever since.

We arrive at the competition site at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee about forty-five minutes early. Enough time to walk around and explore the building and, of course, enough time to sit around in a student lounge and be nervous.

And, for younger, not nervous siblings, enough time to invent new games.

But, finally, her twelve-thirty time slot looms near so we make our way over to the room Madeleine was to perform in. She dutifully, albeit distractedly, poses for a picture.

And then we wait. Nervously.

And then, after all that waiting, she is called in to perform. It is short and Superdad and I are reduced to listening through the door as only the judge is allowed in the room with Madeleine. From what we can hear she sounds good. I am nervous. Who knew parents got nervous when their children compete?

And then, quickly, it is over. Madeleine is out and is all smiles. The nervousness is gone. Hugs are distributed and then, on to a celebration. Where? Culvers, for frozen custard!

Just a short time ago Madeleine's piano instructor called to give us her results. What were they? A number one or "superior"-- the top score possible! Her judge writes: Next stop a concert hall. Bravo!

A good day. Yes, a very good day.


Alexis Jacobs said...

WTG Madeline!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Madeline!! I wish I had stuck with my piano lessons. It's such a wonderful instrument.

Beecher said...

Very exciting! Congratulations, Madeline. I will be sure to show this to C., and perhaps it will encourage her to apply herself to her practicing.

What were her pieces?

beecher said...

Sorry, typo!!! Congratulations Madeleine!

nina said...

Yes, super congrats!

I remember well the waiting outside, listening by the door -- the solo and ensemble competitions in the spring, the youth symphony try outs each year, and the ballet casting! I tried hard not to live for my daughters' successes, but it was hard. Their joys become your joys. Their sadness -- yours as well. Oh, you bring it back, especially the music competitions! Ufff!!

SuperMom said...

Thanks, everyone! Madeleine is obviously still quite proud of her efforts but is trying to act nonchalant about the whole thing, LOL.

Beecher: she competed in the pre-primary level, so I don't know if her pieces will be well known (though if C is playing, maybe so?) but they were "Accidental Wizard" by Phillip Keveren (part of the Hal Leonard Showcase Solos Series) and "Nobody Knows the Trouble I'm In" by Barbara Kreader (part of Book 1 in Hal Leonard's Student Piano Library).

Cheryl said...

Congratulations! (We're a piano-playing family, too, so have done our share of these kinds of events!)

By the way, I love the Grammar Vandal site.

grandfather said...

A little late bu ... Congratulations Madeleine.

I have heard you practice your pieces weekly for, it seems, a year, either in Whitefish Bay or Silver Lake.

Your next stop is Carnegie Hall.

grandfather said...

A typo. "but" instead of "bu."

the bu has several interesting endings, and one is bucolic and another is Hank's favorite noun.

terri said...

Wow, those pix bring back many nerve-wracking memories! wtg, M!!!