Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ice Skating Video

I need to learn how to sell myself. If I come right out and say the following video isn't the most exciting video no one, even the most devoted grandparent, will want to watch it. But if I tell you it is the most exciting video I have come across in a long time I would just be lying.

So the following video of my kids ice skating is interesting. You can see where they skate, you can hear their teachers in the background and you can see Madeleine and Hank in their skates on the ice.

If though, you're not interested in sitting through the whole four minute and sixteen second video, at least watch 2:50-3:00. If you ever wanted Hank's entire goofy personality condensed into a ten second video... well, this is it.


sixty-five said...

Looks as if the Superfamily is having fun! I made a wild impulse purchase today of a "Flip" video camera on Amazon after reading the rave review in the NYT. Don't even know what I will do with it - but I will think of something!

Alexis Jacobs said...

They are getting really good! How fun!