Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Adult Behavior

Can future adult behavior be predicted by choices made for one's pets in Webkinz World?

If so, Madeleine is destined to be a rich, penny pinching interior designer ("See my new wallpaper Mom? It was on sale!"). And, really, her pets' rooms are very well laid out and coordinated-- with accessories even!

Hank? He's going to be broke. Seriously. The boy never has more than $400 at one time, and usually that gets spent within minutes of logging on. He has three Webkinz and, like, fourteen beds in his dock. His pets' rooms? Messy. Disorganized.

If Webkinz are still around when Elisabeth is of computer age, I'll be curious to see what the soothsaying Webkinz have to say about her.

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MOST with an attitude said...

We haven't gotten into Webkinz here, but Michaels thing is ClubPenguin. Boy oh Boy... Many hours of buying items to decorate his igloo and other incredible things.
Gotta love technology!!