Friday, April 25, 2008

Ice Skating

The ice skating world is a new one to me. It's one filled with terms I'm not aware of and class placements and advancements I don't yet have mastered.

I do know, this past February, when we started the new activity, Madeleine was placed into Basic I based on her age and prior experience (i.e. none) and Hank was placed into Snowplow Sam I based on his age and experience (i.e. none). Both are part of the U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program. After the first lesson last February Hank was bumped up to Snowplow Sam II and that was where he spent the remainder of that eight-week program. At the end of the session both kids advanced: Madeleine to Basic II and Hank to Basic I, skipping Snowplow Sam III.

Last night was their first lesson in the spring session, both starting in their new, recommended classes.  Once again, Hank was out to impress. After barreling across the ice and showing off his mastery of the skills required in Basic I, his teacher pulled him aside, did a quick test on the ice and bumped him up to Basic II with his sister.

Madeleine, thankfully, seems proud of her baby brother as Joe and I are and, thankfully, is content to work hard this session so that she can pass into the next few levels so she can start learning how to twirl and jump, tricks she desperately wants to learn how to do, but in the meantime is focused on learning her snowplow stops, skating on one foot and skating backwards.

I'm just thrilled for both of them.  Although it's nice to see them do so well, what's even more fun to to see their smiles out on the ice.  It's clear they have both found something they really enjoy.


say say said...

I LOVE ice skating! And you are definalty doing the right thing letting your kids skate. Skating is the best sport ever. I am a competitive figure skater and I LOVE THE ICE!!!!!!!! Try it yourself! Don't let your kids have all the fun!

grandfather said...

They will be in the olympics in 10 years.

grandfather said...

They will be in the olympics in 10 years.