Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Garage Sale

Madeleine and a neighbor friend have been outside in her friend's yard all afternoon preparing for a rummage sale.  They have both been picking the choice items out of Goodwill piles at their respective homes and saving them for this event for months which, if last summer is any indication, will be an on-going, all summer sale.  There are piles of books, cookware and clothes being folded, priced and arranged and rearranged.  They've been knocking on doors up and down our street and flipping old "Scott Walker for County Executive" signs over and turning them into really darling rummage sale signs colored pink and purple with lots adornments only seven and eight-year-olds would think of.

But the pricing.  Oh goodness, the pricing!  I took a stroll down there to look over their merchandise a bit ago and had to chuckle to myself.  Madeleine, who is seven, and her friend, who is eight, are responsible for the price structure.  At their garage sale a decent saucepan can be had for fifty cents while a cheap paperback off the bargain shelf at Target will cost you five dollars.  There are two sets of sparkly, baby girl sunglasses; one pair will set you back fifty cents, the other two dollars.


Terri said...

So funny! Kiera & friends did this last year, and had the same ...interesting... pricing structure. They ended up creating a make-your-own-______ station, which included stuffing your own recycled water bottle with leaves, mud, and grass, and stringing your own pipe cleaner beaded necklace. It was a beautiful disaster. ;)

it's me, Val said...

That is so funny too!! I am giggling at the thought just because I love to garage sale shop so much and if I didn't know it was a 7-yr old pricing it, I'd be notifying the sales people (hehe) of mis-pricing! :) Such a riot!