Monday, May 05, 2008

WPA Conference

Like last year, Joe and I headed up to Oshkosh, Wisconsin this past weekend for the Wisconsin Parent's Association's annual conference on home-schooling.  Even more so than last year, both of us felt we learned a lot, challenged different ways we thought about certain things and, most importantly, feel we're better equipped to give our kids the sort of education we want them to receive. 

If, though, I were to devote this post to explaining what we learned it would be 8,651,552 words long.  I don't have the time or, frankly, the inclination, to write a post that is that long.  

But I do want to give plug WPA (Wisconsin Parent's Association).  They put together an incredibly beneficial conference every year but, most importantly, it is because of this group that home-schooling is as easy as it is in this state.  This group has made it a point to bring all types of home-schoolers together, no matter what their educational philosophy or religious background happens to be.  It manages to get strong-willed, smart people to keep the goal of home-schooling effectively and legally paramount in their minds, and they do it well.  I highly encourage anyone home-schooling in this state to check out their website and then join, even if you never intend on attending a conference.

And hey, if you ever do decide to attend the conference, you can write your own 8,651,552 word long blog posts which I will probably, quite happily, read.


sixty-five said...

We haven't heard much (anything!) about this. Have to assume it's working well since you're moving forward with it. Any experiences to share?

Anonymous said...

You would not read my 8,651,552 word blog, which translates into 115 books (250 words per page, 300 pages). I want you to begin, though. Take your time. Mine is the literal approach Hank would take and, since he will be in the home school classroom beginning in September, he might appreciate a few words from your proposed 8,651,552 word blog.