Thursday, July 17, 2008

She's so craaaazy!

How different are my two older kids?  Our church's Vacation Bible School clearly tells the tale today with its theme of crazy hair day.

This is how Madeleine chose to style her hair for the day when her entire class will be sporting wigs, hair color, rubber bands galore, and other weird things.  She's so craaaaaaazy!

Mom, she explains to me, usually I wear my hair in a half ponytail but today I'm going to wear it in a half braid.  

Watch out, she's wild one!

And then there's Hank.  Hank didn't even consider for two seconds not doing something stupid... er... crazy with his hair.

Hank wanted his hair as sticky-uppy as possible, he wanted glitter spray, and he wanted a hair attachment. And throughout the production he was laughing like crazy asking over and over and over and over Mom, do I look crazy?

No son, I thought to myself, but you sure act like it.


Bob said...


Such happy kids!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Your kids crack me up :)