Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deep Thoughts

What are you thinking about, sweet little Elisabeth? Do you wish it were spring again? Do you miss hearing the birds chirping and the soft, warm breezes wafting in through open windows? Oh, and you're sick of your winter coat and boots? I agree, it should not have snowed again on Saturday. Having to shovel again after days of coat-free, outside playtime seemed almost cruel.

What? Am I putting words in your mouth, Elisabeth? Were you really just thinking how abominable it was to have Mommy take yet another picture of you?

Or were you thinking about how to best sneak some candy out of the kitchen? What could you do to divert me so that you could push the stool over to the counter and search through the cookie jars and find some treats stored within.

Whatever the thoughts, you sure are cute, little girl.


Bob (from Salem) said...

Very cute

You did get that photo taken with her and Buckley, did you not??

AlexanderTheGreat said...

That SOOOOO looks like you when you were little.

SuperMom said...

I know, she definitely is the kid that looks the most like me. Kinda eerie sometimes, actually.