Monday, May 18, 2009

Cell Phone

Last week I dropped my cell phone in my coffee cup-- my full of coffee coffee cup. I was outside trying to help one of the kids with something with one hand and balancing my phone and coffee cup in the other and my phone just slipped into the coffee. Whatever. No excuse necessary, it was stupid and now my phone won't work.

The silver lining is that our cell phone contract is up anyway so now we can renew and get some sort of free phone deal. But what's killing me while I look is all the extras these phones have. Sure I'd like to be able to check email remotely, but is it necessary for a home-schooling mom to be available to everyone eighteen different ways? No. I just need a phone that makes and receives phone calls. That's it.

Why does that seem like too much to ask?


terri said...

ugh. i know. i was thinking of getting a new phone because my screen is wonky. i thought--ooh! ooh! i can update my twitter with this one! but how ridiculous are the monthly fees? so i can update my fb/twitter from the playground? i don't think so...

Erin said...

I don't need to email, but I sure would like my calendar with me all the time. I covet my husband's smart phone. I think I'll take his old one when our contract is up.