Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Love Summer

I really, really do. Sure, it's obnoxiously hot and I practically feel like we're going to melt when we're outside but still, when else but in the summer does it feel good to play in the water? Thankfully, unlike last year, Hank passed his swim test today at the JCC Outdoor Water Park (where we're members) so now I don't have to hear him complaining about how he's not allowed to climb the rock wall or run off the diving board. Now he is able to do both those things, and Hank is so proud of himself and feels very grown up.

Here are some action shots of the kids enjoying the pool.

And OK, so Elisabeth is not enjoying the water here. And, in fact, if this picture had audio you'd hear her whining, "Mo-OM! I want to go back in the pool! Put your camera away!" And so, after a few more shots I did, and we did go back in the pool. But getting action shots of E in the water? Impossible. My camera would be soaked in about half a second because that's how long it takes for Elisabeth to charge into water over her head.

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