Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mary, Queen of Scots

Last week in history we discussed Mary, Queen of Scots. Out of all we learned and discussed (her childhood, her rise to power, her familial ties to Queen Elizabeth I, her captivity, etc.) the thing that fascinated Madeleine and Hank more than anything else was her marriage to Lord Darnley and his death. They loved the excitement of a building being blown up. They loved the intrigue of his body being found strangled. And they loved the mystery surrounding his death and the idea that so many blamed his wife.

So, when it came time to choose something we'd learned about in history to summarize and illustrate, both big kids chose the untimely death of Lord Darnley.

The following pictures show them ever so happily illustrating the explosion referenced above.


sixty-five said...

And I spy Elisabeth in the background (beyond Hank's neck); I suppose she's soaking it all in too? Seems like a very advanced history lesson!

Terri said...

yes, just as i've always imagined your idyllic, peaceful, homeschooling life.

just kidding---this sounds like SO much fun!!! (i'm serious)