Wednesday, September 02, 2009

More Caroline

My four(!) crazy kiddos this past Monday, the day we left the hospital. This was a sad day; I'm one of those that loves the hospital and all those nice nurses and food brought in periodically and not being responsible for much of anything besides feeling better.

Plus we had a great view of Lake Michigan.

Caroline getting dressed to come home (the outfit is a premie size-- she's so tiny!).

These signs greeted us when we pulled in our driveway.

One from Madeleine...

one from Hank...

and one from Elisabeth.

Caroline is doing so well and we love having her home. I'm ridiculously exhausted, which is a whole other post in which I laugh at myself because I thought I remembered how tiring it was having a newborn, but I didn't remember. I really, really didn't. We're also being ridiculously spoiled by so many good friends; I'm sure I won't have to cook for a week or two and I am so, SO thankful to have the luxury of not having to worry about what is for supper every day and instead learning how to parent four (!!!) children.


dad said...

what's for dinner tomorrow?

Erin said...


When all of your meals run out, my four (!!!) and I will come down to say hi and coo at your baby with another dinner in hand. Maybe the week of the Sept. 14th?

Alexis Jacobs said...

Welcome home :-) I hope you get some rest soon. 3 kids and a newborn.. you are my hero!

Bob now back from Portland said...

Please Put me on the list also to bring over something when the meals run out