Saturday, September 12, 2009


I don't usually single a business out for having good service because I generally expect most businesses to provide decent service and so, by and large, I'm much more likely to note and comment on poor business practices than good ones.

However, I was so recently impressed with Zappos that I decided to spread the word. Until a few weeks ago I had heard of Zappos but never ordered anything through their website since I like to try on shoes before buying them. However, I had a terrible time finding hiking boots that would fit Elisabeth's tiny feet and so I decided to check Zappos' website.

The initial purchase was uneventful enough; I found the shoes I wanted, entered the necessary information and clicked submit. Elisabeth's shoes arrived quickly and I was happy to note the shipping was free.

However, the shoes were too large. So I buckled in for what I assumed would be a huge hassle and called Zappos' toll-free line. I was shocked when an actual person answered the phone instead of a recording, and even more shocked to hear that an exchange would be no trouble and wouldn't cost me a dime. Without even getting the pair back they had originally sent me, they sent out Elisabeth's new shoes and they immediately emailed me a shipping label so that I wouldn't have to pay for the return shipping on the shoes I had initially received.

So much for needing to try shoes on; Zappos' return policy is so easy and hassle-free that I'll definitely order from them again.

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Erin said...

I have bought a number of pairs of shoes from Zappos, and returned even more.

Unless you are familiar with the brand, I find sizing difficult. They are super great about returns, but I find it easier to just go to the store and get fitted--even with four kids.