Friday, October 23, 2009


Last night Hank had hockey practice for the second time this week. Also, his soccer season hasn't quite wound down yet, so for this week and the next we're dealing with three practices on three different evenings each week. And Madeleine, while she only rides once a week right now, is probably the owner of the activity that takes the most time because the stables are the longest drive, she is expected to care for her horse both before and after her lesson and her lesson is a solid hour. Grandparents, when hearing of these activities, look at me like we're crazy, especially since Joe isn't reliably able to get home early enough to help out with much of the driving.

The thing is, I don't always mind it.

All day long I'm at home with four small children who, while conversant in many topics, don't always stimulate the same kinds of discussions I might have with other adults. I have managed to get to know all the parents on Hank's soccer team, I have a friend at the stables and now I'm getting to know a lot of the hockey moms and dads, many who I really like. For me, these activities are social hours and a chance to relax and unwind. If I could sip of glass of wine while Hank's team was on the ice or in the viewing room at the stables, that would be better, but still, I'll take it.

Even the other kids don't seem to mind. Elisabeth has a handful of little sibling playmates on Hank's soccer and hockey teams, and she always asks to go to the practices even when she has the opportunity to stay home. And dinner? We're a late to bed family to begin with, so eating after 7 p.m., or even later, doesn't really phase us. Plus, Joe's more likely to be home to eat as a family if we eat at 7:30 or later. It's not ideal, but it's OK.

So there. We're not crazy. Well, at least not because of our somewhat hectic evenings anyway.

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dad said...

pour s little vodka in your water bottle and relax at the hockey rink ... OK forget it ... you have a drive home with four children.