Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20, 2009

A blog post based on today's events would look like this:

Oversleep, rush the kids out of bed, eat breakfast and make coffee, drop Elisabeth off at school, come home, work with the kids (spelling, reading and math this morning), organize the pick-up of Hank's old ice-skates that someone from our town bought on eBay, clean kitchen, wake Caroline up for diaper change and quick feeding, pick Elisabeth up, talk to other moms on playground as kids play at Audubon for awhile, talk on the way home about H1N1 and the importance of washing hands, get home, unload car and start lunch.

Blogable? Not so much.

This afternoon I will make lunch (ham and eggs today), relax for a little while (right now), get through grammar and history, the kids will work on Latin on their own, Madeleine will practice piano, the big kids will do their chores (unload dishwasher, put laundry away, wipe down bathroom sinks and feed the cats) and at some point I'm gong to throw dinner together since the evening will be rushed. Hopefully the kids will have time to get out and play before evening (they almost usually do).

Blogable? Not so much.

This evening will we eat early, take Hank to soccer practice, go to church for a bible study, come home, get the kids ready for bed (quickly; it will already be past their bedtime), lights out and that's it. Time to relax. While we are at soccer and church about five or six episodes of The Office will record for us and we'll watch a favorite or two after the kids go to bed.

Blogable? Not so much.

In addition all of the exciting events mentioned above I will also do laundry (one load down, one more to go), wash dishes oh, say, 40 million times (at least that's what it feels like), nurse and change diapers a ton and various toy and school books clean up.

Blogable? Not so much.

Pretty much I would say I could copy and paste this post every day because it's a fairly accurate picture of what most days look like here. So, instead of boring you with details (which I already did) I leave you with this ridiculously low quality video of one of my favorite Office moments. The Jim and Dwight scenes are among my favorites and this might be my absolute favorite.


Erin said...

Dwight is so funny.

You didn't blog about your kids fighting incessantly or having a Mommy-meltdown where you scream everything but profanities at your kids. Did I miss that?

A very, very bad day here. So, so very glad its over and that tomorrow is a new day.

Anonymous said...

don't forget almost daily doctor, dentist, play date, library, soccer practice, horseback riding, ice skating lessons, recitals, book club, play date, concert, milk run, phone calls, more phone calls, break up fight, break up another fight, clean up spilled milk on floor, timeouts for hank for talking nonstop while doing homework, madeleine for laughing at hank in timeout corner and elisabeth for telling you to go fly a kite when there is no wind outside.

Bob said...

Time to start working on political campaigns (NOT). Wow....I thought my day was hectic before I saw your account...

sixty-five said...

Well, I guess you enjoy all of this on some level, right?

sixty-five said...
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Cate (Supermom) said...

Erin, sorry you had a rough day. I hate feeling like that! Were you at least able to have a glass of wine with our friend Mark? Did that help?

Dad, I'll save all that fun stuff for when you're up here tomorrow. Your pick: stables or hockey.

Don't laugh, Bob. I really want to try and find some time to volunteer to Walker. Finally there's a candidate who I am excited about-- I don't want watch him lose on election day and have done nothing.

On a lot of levels I enjoy it very much. Most days, I think. I just wish sometimes something interesting or notable would pop out at me to discuss on my blog and elsewhere. Or that I wouldn't forget the thought I did have two seconds after having it because life is too busy to remember. But when I look back to before home-schooling, or even before kids, really, I had the same problem. I think everyone does; routine exists for a reason, and generally I appreciate the comfort and sameness of it all.