Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bye-bye, diaper bag

Last week, Caroline's diaper bag ripped. I was pretty sad for a couple reasons. First off, I loved the diaper bag. It was cute, functional and I was thinking that after she outgrew the need for a diaper bag it could still be used as a hand tote bag. Second of all, I love Land's End's stuff. It always holds up well and ends up being worth the money. This was a rare example of something not holding up to life's wear and tear and I was disappointed.

I'm even more disappointed today because I took the bag into a Land's End Inlet and though they were happy to make the exchange, they don't carry the tote in a diaper bag anymore. I could have gotten just a regular tote bag, but I wanted the inside storage compartments and all the other handy features the diaper bag included. Plus, I would have had to pay the difference in price.

I'm so bummed, though. It was such a cute bag!


AlexanderTheGreat said...

Is real!

Erin said...

Seriously? How did it rip? I am imagining Hank and Madeline arguing about who is going to change Caroline's diaper and doing a tug-o-war number on the bag.

Sorry. I heart Land's End too.

Cate said...

Thanks, Alex. Of course it's real! Diaper bags, like a purse, can make or break your outfit. ;) Seriously, though, there are tons of cute diaper bags out there now... way more than there were when I was pregnant with Madeleine.

I don't know how it ripped. It was really weird; one day it was fine, the next ripped. And it was ripped in a really obvious place, too. I was so annoyed b/c it's so unlike LE's stuff to do that and of course it happens with something that can't actually replace. *sigh*