Sunday, November 22, 2009

Have a nice fall...

My knees are incredibly sore. Why, you ask? Because I'm a klutz. My goodness am I ever a klutz.

This morning I fell because of a combination of clumsiness and vanity. I was walking into our church through the side door (mistake #1) with Caroline slung over my arm in her infant carrier. There are three steps going down from the side door into our fellowship hall that are covered with that rubbery stuff that makes them skid proof (mistake #2; thanks, church ;) ). I was walking in with some friends and as I took the first step I twisted my head to say something to them (mistake #3) when all of a sudden my heel, which was, admittedly, a tall heel (oh, vanity!) got stuck on the non-skid stuff while my body was still moving forward.

BAM! Straight down on the hard, cold floor, right in front of about three to four other people (I am so thankful this is a low traffic entrance!). Caroline was fine, of course, since she was strapped in her car seat. She didn't make a peep and I don't think she even realized anything out of the ordinary happened. But me? I fell on my knees and hand and my left knee is throbbing. I can barely bend it and have been hobbling around all day like a doofus.

The moral of this story should be to stop wearing such impractical shoes and to stop gabbing. I will probably not do either of these things so I probably deserve to hobble around like an idiot.


MOST with an attitude said...

Oh,Cait...I feel your pain. I did something similar two weeks ago. There was no baby involved, however, there was a rushing mother, high heeled shoes and a melted ice cube. Needless to say, my knees were bruised for days!
I hope the pain subsides soon ;)

Jane said...


I did something similar back when my 19 yo was about one. I stepped off a curb and looked backward to talk to my then 5 yo, tripped, and went down hard on my knees. (Because--of course--my arms were full of one-year-old.)

Doesn't make one feel graceful, and boy does it hurt!

terri said...


boo for your fall.

except i laughed really hard.


Cate said...

Thank you, Sarah and Jane, for making me feel better. Misery loves company and it's nice to know others have had similar crashes. ;)

And Terri, thank you for laughing. Besides being sore, it is pretty funny (at least, how I imagine it looking in my head).

Bob said...


Hope the ice treatment helps (and soon!)

Maybe the Packer victory helped a little? (as for the Badgers vs NU....well, that's a different story)!