Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rhythm of Today

Some days start out well; they develop a certain rhythm and things just go right. Other days that rhythm is off and things spiral downward. It's hard to fight the cadence of a day. The kids are going to react to each other how they choose to do so and the weather will be what it is; things will go as they're meant to and all I can control is how I react to events and my surroundings. So, generally, I choose not to fight it. If the day is good, I enjoy it, if it's going poorly I just suck it up and muscle through. Those are the only options there are, really.

Today started out well. The sun was shining and the two youngest girls under my roof when I woke were happy. The rhythm of today has been good, and each event has only made it better. Not only is the sun shining, but it's a gorgeous, warm fall day. Elisabeth was treated to a typical day at preschool but a normal day there is an extraordinary morning for her. She embraced the crisp fall air and was treated with a hike down to the shores of Lake Michigan to see the waves crashing against the shore. Caroline and I ran errands. They were errands that I set out on being somewhat nervous about what I would be told as I ran them, but the men who helped me at Ace Hardware this morning were helpful and reassuring. It's amazing how much a simple, somewhat stupid, household task being completed can add such sunshine to my day.

True, it is only 1 p.m., and with hockey and book club still on the agenda for the day, the drumbeat could change. My kids and I may fall out of synch. Clouds may yet screen the sun. If they do, so what? We still had a great morning, and I am thankful.

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