Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Preparations

I remember years walking through a shopping mall on December 23-- or worse-- December 24 doing my Christmas shopping. Granted, this was pre-kids, but still. Having shopping to do that late into the season is stressful, to say the least.

Since having kids I have made it a goal to be done with all the aspects of Christmas preparations that I don't love, love, love, like shopping, wrapping and writing Christmas cards.

So. Three more days to go. I am almost done shopping, I have not started wrapping yet and I am about halfway through my Christmas cards. Will I make my goal of being done with those three things by Sunday so that next week I can do fun things like bake cookies with the kids and plan my menu for Christmas Eve? We shall see, we shall see...


nina said...

Goals are made to be ... adjusted. With your brood to look after, you're doing splendidly! And cards received after Christmas are just as fun to get.

Here's a tip from a person who has known years of wrapping at the wee hours of Christmas Eve: pick a menu for Eve and Day and never vary it! You'll be remembered for your traditional holiday feasts and you wont have to plan afresh each year.

Cate said...

I feel like I am always adjusting goals but, like you said, they're made to be adjusted.

Somehow, it always all gets done. And I'm looking forward to spending some time in the kitchen next week-- it's probably the aspect of any holiday that I enjoy the most!

I loved reading about your most recent trip, BTW. As usual, gorgeous pictures, lovely descriptions, etc. ,etc.!